Pratenichki sostav


The Parliamentary Channel Council is a special working body of the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia, which according to the Decision for its establishment (Official Gazette No. 07/2006) has the following obligations:

·         Discusses and adopts the realization of the programme, financial operation and investment for the current year;
·         Proposes and adopts the programme, financial and investment plan of the Parliamentary channel for the following year, and
·         Provides broadcasting of the activities of the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia through the Parliamentary channel.

                              Chairperson: RAFIS ALITI

                                   Members: ILIJA DIMOVSKI
                                                       LILJANA POPOVSKA
                                                       AVDIJA PEPIK
                                                       HRISTINA RUNCEVA
                                                       TALAT DZAFERI
                                                       VESNA BENDEVSKA
                                                       EMILIJAN STANKOVIK
                                                       GORAN MISOVSKI
                                                       ROZA TOPUZOVSKA KAREVSKA
                                                       DAUT REDZEPI

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