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International Cooperation

Seminar "Structures and procedures with regard to the code of conduct for MPs and with regard to the integrity of parliamentary staff”
Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia
8-9 May, 2014

The intention of the Seminar is to gather the parliamentary officials in order to discuss several questions, notably:

  • Which are the modalities for regulating the conduct of MPs and the parliamentary staff;
  • How independent are parliaments in the process of enforcement and implementation of the rules on conduct;
  • What is the impact of such regulations on the integrity of parliamentary staff?

Through exchange of best practices, the overall objective of the seminar is to contribute to the improvement of public trust in their respective Parliaments , Parliamentarians and parliamentary staff.

The Seminar primarily offers a forum for parliamentary officials who are competent in the topics to be discussed.

Prefered deadline for registration:2014/04/12 Prefered deadline for contributions: 2014/04/12 

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