Saturday, 10 May 2014


Esteemed fellow MPs,
Esteemed Representatives of the media,
Esteemed Representatives of the Diplomatic and Consular Missions,
Ladies and gentlemen,

I express my wholehearted and sincere appreciation for the obligation to be the President of the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia for the third time.
This for me is confirmation of the labour in the past years, but also an obligation that the trust is a subject of daily checks.
I am aware of that and I promise that I will preside with the Assembly in the best possible manner in direction of development and progress of Macedonia.

Distinguished friends,

The Republic of Macedonia has been faced with numerous challenges which greatly determined its future and development.

As society, we have such a statehood past in which we gave numerous victims to provide our progress.

But, from historic point of view, this invested labour, time, sweat and efforts have always paid off, since the aim is so grand and noble, since our state, the Republic of Macedonia is grand and noble.

There is no mountain high and unreachable for Macedonia.

There is no obstacle undefeatable for Macedonia.

There is no path unwalkable for Macedonia.

There is no sweat drop wasted in vain for Macedonia.

Our Motherland determines the meening of all our moves and gives them historic value.

This is the case today.

I shall be.

We are ephemeral and changeable, only Macedonia is eternal.

That is why; we have to remember well that, what we do today, will be judged by the history tomorrow.

We take responsibility for our citizens; we are responsible to take wise steps and to adopt rightful decisions.

I am convinced that this generation of politicians, adopt rightful decisions in most possible cases, which was recognized and supported greatly by the people of Macedonia.

This was the case in the most recent elections, on which, the winner is the so far concept and the vision for development of the state.


Distinguished friends,

Today we are gathered in the temple of the Macedonian democracy to verify the will of the citizens which was clearly manifested in a fair and democratic atmosphere at the recent parliamentary elections.

Today, we, the representatives of the different parties – in accordance with the rules of our system, continue to work and create new deeds.

Today, once again, we should remind ourselves, that Macedonia is the name which should unite us.

Irrespective of our differences, in this Hall, part of the grandiose building, we all demonstrate that we are focused on mutual cooperation and understanding.

Democracy is in the hands of the people and their choice alone and is reflected in the Parliament.

I express my pleasure that at today’s Constitutive Session more than 2/3 of the elected representatives demonstrated their respect to the citizens who voted for them and came to their working positions.

But, I am expressing my deepest disappointment that the MPs from a coalition, unsatisfied from the peoples’ support, decided not to take on the given task.

Hence, from this stand, as first among the equal, I call on state unity.

I call upon everyone to be aware for their historic responsibility and not let the personal vanity surpass the respect towards Macedonia.

I call upon our colleagues from the opposition to act in the framework of the Constitution and laws, in other words to enter the Parliament so that we can start our work.

Democracy does not recognize different manner of work, except for debate based on arguments and mutual respect.


Distinguished ladies and gentlemen,

In the past 2 mandates as a President of the Macedonian Legislative House, together with all MPs, I believe a significant effort was invested in direction of promotion of the overall conditions.

I express my sincere pleasure for the fact that the most serious project started in my first mandate, will be finalised during this mandate.

The realization of a historic project will be finalized.

After half a century, we create conditions which provide Macedonia with a fully functional building of the Macedonian Assembly, similar to those of the developed states, suitable to our state.

The MPs, journalists, international gusts and the citizens will be able to feel the spirit of this building – symbol of the representative democracy.

In addition, in the context of politics, as a President of the Macedonian Assembly, I am expressing my pleasure that together with fellow MPs, in the past two mandates we:

  • Fully implemented the ICT in work and the decision making process;
  • Constantly promote the conditions for undisrupted activities of the journalists and media
  • In accordance with my competences, as President, I have realized numerous bilateral meetings with my colleagues from other parliaments when I constantly affirmed our efforts for membership in the European Union and NATO;
  • In this context, I was honoured to host my colleagues – Speakers of Parliaments of friendly states when I constantly affirmed the Macedonian model of democracy and progress;
  • I express   pleasure from the cooperation with the diplomatic missions in our state, as well as NGOs, with whom we realized many significant projects;
  • Finally, we paid significant time to the citizens, who elect us and because of whom we are here, through numerous projects they were able to closely live and practice the representative democracy;
  • In the end, we have to be sincere that the nature of life has always led us in situations which mean “to steps ahead, one backwards”, but I am convinced that the activities mean that the unity and the state are above all. 

Dear friends,

In the coming period we are facing new challenges.

I am aware that it will not be easy or simple.

The experience I have, but also the temptations before Macedonia guide us to this conclusion.

But, I am aware that there is no shorter path.

Short-term solutions are not possible.

We have to work more and better.

I can promise that the Assembly will continue to upgrade the Macedonian democracy even more vigorously.

There is no stopping, nor resting.

I promise you countless sessions, numerous laws and other decisions.

I promise you long debates and strong dynamics.

The integration in the European Union and the other state reforms are our great goal.

They still determine our agenda and our dynamic of work.

We have to finalize the remaining tasks on the path towards better life sooner and better. 

We have to continue the work on new and even better Progress Reports of the European Union.

We have to reform the Army, defence and other segments in order to upgrade our NATO standards,

We have to have high feeling of patriotism and statehood responsibility in the solution of the complex international challenges such as the name dispute.

Finally, through our personal example demonstrate that our political, ethnic or religious characteristics are advantage which makes us richer, not a weakness that needs to be surpassed.

We have to be careful of every word we articulate.

To be aware that we have to be good, democratic example for the people that elected us.

To debate and to propose good deeds.

To leave positive deeds behind us and proudly walk forward.

To justify the thesis: There is difference and we made this difference even more obvious.

To have the citizens and their future on our mind constantly.

To keep being more responsible and more dedicated since in this manner alone, we demonstrate that Macedonia shall be loved through deeds.


Distinguished ladies and gentlemen,


The honour to be the President of the Macedonian Assembly is indeed grand.

I am standing here for the third time with all my experience and knowledge.

For the third time, I am obliging myself to be the guardian of the values of parliamentarism, democracy, justice and dialogue.

For the third time I declare that I am the President of everyone, regardless of political, ethnic or religious belonging.

I promise that we shall keep on conquering the new peaks of the Macedonian democratic system with greater energy.

With greater energy, we shall keep on facing new challenges.

With greater energy, we stand at the first frontiers of the democratic battle for implementation of the European and Euro Atlantic values.

Thanking you all once again for your support, I convey my sincere wishes.

May God give us wisdom and strength to adopt the most rightful decisions.

To be on the level of the task given by the people and to cherish and love Macedonia.

Long live the Macedonian Democracy.

Long live Macedonia.

Thank you.


Tuesday, 16 September 2014, 11:00, "Boris Trajkovski" Hall 


Tuesday, 16 September 2014, 11:00, Constitutional Hall

8th Meeting of the committee on political system and interethnic relations 

Tuesday, 16 September 2014, 13:00 Hall 1 

15th session of the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia 

1st continuation  

Tuesday, 16 September 2014, 14:00, Hall 4

18th Meeting of the legislative Committee  

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